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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Syria Under Fire: Zionist Destabilization Hits Critical Mass

Syria is in the final stages
of a Zionist-engineered
destabilization operation;
can the Arab nation of
Resistance survive?
by Jonathan Azaziah

Since 2004, the Zionist entity’s Mossad and its American partners in the Zionist-founded, Zionist-run National Endowment for Democracy (NED) have funded, armed and trained various opposition factions in Syria, spawning an army of ‘democracy-seeking activists’ ready to mobilize on command. An operations team was assembled by the House of Saud and the usurping Israeli regime, working together with a closeness most would have never imagined to be possible, and an HQ was established in Brussels with various satellites inaugurated in America and Britain just prior to the inception of the ‘Syrian Revolution.’ Leading this team are Zionists US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffery Feltman and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, influential, US-based Zionist Syrian exiles Farid al-Ghadry and Ammar Abdulhamid, the well-connected ex-Syrian VP, Abdel-Halim Khaddam and of course, the powerful Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (1).

Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s immensely popular President, is in the crosshairs of an axis bent on transforming the Middle East into an extension of the illegitimate entity currently occupying al-Quds. He, along with the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran and what is left of the Islamic Resistance of Gaza, make up the counter-axis; the Axis of Resistance standing in the way of Zionism and its aims of conquest. Syria is under the heaviest fire it has ever been under; even heavier than the plot that the Israeli-Saudi partnership attempted to execute against Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, from 1976-1982 (2). And as the fire continues to burn through Syrian society, Zionist destabilization has hit critical mass. The plot to take down Syria which the usurping entity has actively and vigorously pursued for decades is dangerously close to coming to fruition.

On Syria, as well as a
plethora of other geopolitical
issues, the Saudi tyrant sees
eye to eye with the Zionist regime
and its lapdog, the United States.
Israel, Saudi Arabia And America: Demanding Regime Change In Unison

From the moment that the unrest in Syria exploded, Tel Aviv, through its tremendously venomous and wide-reaching media apparatus, unleashed one of its many ‘kisses of death’ against Bashar al-Assad and his government, labeling him its “favorite dictator (3).” This piece of pernicious hasbara was disseminated far and wide with the intent of not only turning the Syrian people against Bashar al-Assad, but to mask any Israeli involvement in Syria in the eyes of the international onlookers, developing an atmosphere of bewilderment and psychological warfare. The calculated move proved successful and the Zionist regime provided perfect cover for covert Israeli special forces, who have been on the ground since August 2007 (4). And then, as the world was looking away, Zionism lowered the boom.

It began on July 20th, when Israeli Prime Minister and mass murdering war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu offered his support to ‘protesters’ in Syria by stating, “the young people of Syria deserve a better future” and he went on with his usual diatribe against Syria for standing with Iran and Hezbollah. Ominously, Netanyahu also stated that it would be “bad for the people of Lebanon, bad for the people of Syria and bad for peace” if attention was shifted away from the unrest in Syria. The subtle words of Netanyahu were not what was most disturbing though. It was who the words were delivered to. And that who was Al-Arabiya News (5), the malicious Saudi propaganda outlet owned and run by the brother-in-law and son of the ex-Saudi tyrant, ‘King’ Fahd (6). The rare interview was an important revelation, exposing the public Israeli-Saudi working relationship.

Next up was an amplification on July 26th, when godfather of the Zionist nuclear program, war criminal, massacrer of Qana and Israeli President Shimon Peres stated in no uncertain terms, “Bashar al-Assad must go. The sooner he will leave, the better it will be for his people.” Peres also went on to say that regime change will lay down the groundwork for an eventual ‘peace’ treaty between Syria and the vile Zionist occupation. Who did Shimon Peres deliver this declaration of overthrow to? Arab media (undoubtedly dominated by the Saudi-Qatari alliance), in an ‘unprecedented’ press conference (7).

The Saudi-Israeli Alliance:
demolishing Syria under the
guise of 'democracy.'
Following the example of his partners in Tel Aviv, ‘King’ Abdullah of Saudi Arabia weighed in on August 8th. He recalled the Saudi Ambassador to Syria and issued an ultimatum to Bashar al-Assad, “The future of Syria lies between two options: either Syria chooses willingly to resort to reason, or face being swept into deep chaos.” Translation: Step down now or be destroyed. Going further, ‘King’ Abdullah demanded that the “Syrian killing machine” halt its operations and said that “what is happening in Syria is not acceptable to Saudi Arabia (8).” The Kuwait and Bahrain monarchical dictatorships abided by the orders put forth by GCC figurehead Saudi Arabia and recalled their ambassadors to Syria as well (9). The events in Syria aren’t acceptable to the Saudi tyrant because the operation to take down Bashar al-Assad isn’t successful yet; the tyrant is growing impatient. Not mentioned by the tyrant is his regime’s excessive participation in the unrest and that his Ministry of Defense has formed a council whose specific goal is to drive Syria into a chaotic state of civil war (10).
The “killing machine” spoken of by the Saudi despot is in reference to what the Zionist media calls the “Ramadan Massacre.” In a desperate attempt to garner international Muslim support during Islam’s holiest month, the Zionist media has peddled unverified, reactionary, sensationalist claims that Syrian security forces have massacred hundreds of ‘protesters’ in the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold of Hama (11).

The truth, something that the Zionist propaganda machine has never been concerned with, has been systematically repressed. An insurrectionist named Nader Hassan al-Kattan has confessed to being part of an organized terrorist operation in Hama, consisting of multiple units, in which he was paid $5,000.00 a day for his services. The operation consisted of the targeting of security personnel and civilians alike, for the sake of triggering all-out mayhem on Hama’s streets. Al-Kattan says he was recruited by a man named Mohammad Noir (12). Mask of Zion’s Syrian sources have confirmed that Mohammad Noir is a disciple of Mossad asset Muthanna al-Dhari, detained earlier in the uprising by Syrian security forces for attempting to coordinate false flag bombings with Israeli intelligence (13). It is clear that even without its leader, al-Dhari’s Zionist-backed network is alive and well.

America stands with
the usurping Israeli entity
and the House of Saud in
an axis against Syria.
The US government, just days after extending a fourth round of crippling sanctions against Bashar al-Assad and his closest associates in cohesion with its fellow Zionist allies in the European Union (14), has now adopted the position of its Israeli masters and Saudi partners and is set to demand the departure of Bashar al-Assad, with a White House mouthpiece stating, “You can't have any kind of partnership with a regime that does this kind of thing to innocents (15).” The ‘mother’ of all Zionist mouthpieces, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recently declared, “Syria will be a better place when a democratic transition goes forward (16).” The Zionist-Saudi axis’ Syrian opposition has already formed a 25-member ‘National Salvation Council,’ with one committee functioning as a lobbying agency to drum up support to overthrow al-Assad’s government (17). The Zionist-occupied US government has initiated the next step and is seeking to convert the ‘National Salvation Council’ into a ‘Syrian Transitional Council,’ just like the NATO-Israeli-backed puppet regime fighting Muammar Qaddafi in Libya (18).

This is a most frightening development, as the Zionist entity, the House of Saud, Washington D.C. and the Turkey-France partnership, which has played a prominent supporting role in the attack on Syria’s sovereignty via intelligence and military support for the Mossad-NED-created opposition (19), have taken their once-covert agenda public, so that the entire globe becomes aware that under the rule of international Zionism, Bashar al-Assad has no place. Also, the formation of such a council will mean that when the inevitability of sanctions against Syria’s rich oil and banking sectors becomes reality and billions of dollars are confiscated, the money will then be transferred into the hands of the Zionist criminal network’s puppets. The formation of such a council is an act of war.

Essential to every Zionist
war effort is hasbara; and
the hasbara against Syria
has been nothing short
of epic.
Hasbara In Full Effect: Exaggerations and Fabrications

Former Al-Jazeera Beirut Bureau Chief Ghassan Bin Jeddo, who will be launching an anti-Zionist satellite network called ‘Al-Mayadeen’ in early 2012 to serve as a counterweight to the media monopoly in the Arab world currently held by the GCC (20), went on the record in July to condemn the international (Zionist) media’s campaign to sow sedition in Syria, with the greater agenda of undermining Syria’s ‘Resistance’ stances and fragmenting the country (21), as per the plans laid out by Israeli Foreign Policy Advisor Oded Yinon in 1982 and the neoconservative ‘Clean Break’ cabal led by Zionist war criminal Richard Perle in 1996 (22).

Bin Jeddo couldn’t be more correct in his assessment. The powerful New York Times, owned by the Sulzberger family, a founding clan of the exclusively-Jewish Freemasonic organization B’nai B’Brith that is at the heart of all major media cover-ups (23), has been depicting Hama as a massacre-zone where civilians are under siege from a cruel, unrelenting military force (24), instead of a city where bitter armed conflict continues to rage. Robert Fisk, a foul (and unfortunately, authoritative) 9/11 gatekeeper and notorious slanderer of Hezbollah, Lebanon’s righteous Islamic Resistance, is begging the Zionist puppets in France, America and Britain to take action against Bashar al-Assad to “stop the spilling of innocent blood (25).” House of Saud mouthpieces, specifically those owned by ‘Prince’ Salman and his children, continue to elevate the anti-Assad, pro-Brotherhood line with each successive clipping that they print (26).

The historically Zionist wire service, the Associated Press, is channeling the hasbara of WINEP, a known front for AIPAC, in regards to the foreign-sponsored ‘Syrian Revolution’ taking a toll on Hezbollah’s image throughout the region (27). But no media institution has participated in the propaganda campaign against Syria quite like Qatar’s Al-Jazeera, which has taken the ‘humanitarian intervention’ approach in the dissemination of its hasbara and has now been picked up in New York, giving it a wider audience to influence, manipulate, confuse and brainwash (28). Al-Jazeera deliberately mistranslated a Bashar al-Assad speech in late July, ‘revealing’ that the Syrian President called opposition protesters “germs,” when he said no such thing (29), thus fueling the already-present geopolitical conflagration against Syria. Most despicably, it has partaken in the propagation of the ‘Ramadan Massacre’ narrative, using a pathetic, poorly-shot, unverified video as “evidence” that a murderous army operation had occurred (30). This is not journalism. This is not credible. This is hasbara, simple and plain; clear-cut.

Al-Jazeera's coverage
on Syria is one of the most
disgusting propaganda 
campaigns in modern history;
it is now an official arm of
the Zionist media, serving
as the 'Arab' division.
And where is Al-Jazeera’s ‘objective and even-handed’ coverage on the Zionist-allied House of Saud’s role in fomenting the chaos in Syria? It doesn’t exist on this plane of reality; like a figment of your imagination reprocessed in a dream. Why doesn’t it exist? Because in September 2007, the Saudi ‘King’ met with high-ranking officials in the Qatari regime and Al-Jazeera’s chairman of the board in Riyadh; an agreement was made, silencing any and all criticism of the House of Saud, effectively “disappearing all dissident voices.” The agreement was attached to a larger agenda, triggering reconciliation between the Gulf sheikhdoms, ending internal disputes and directing the GCC’s attention towards a greater threat: Iran (31). Naturally, Amnesty International (AI), the Zionist, propagandist, George Soros-funded corporate member of the UK’s Chatham House ultra-think tank that has already (baselessly) accused Syria of crimes against humanity (32), had to weigh in on the latest developments. The fraudulent ‘human rights’ group is demanding that the UN Security Council take Libya-like steps to ‘end repression’ in Syria and those who disagree with its warmongering position on AI’s Internet message boards have their heartfelt comments deleted, in true Orwellian fashion (33).

While Al-Jazeera is leading the way in overall coverage in the ongoing stream of hasbara against Syria, there is a single story that soars high above every single other propaganda pieces like a condor soaring above the Andes Mountains. And this is not the typical ‘inflated-protest-numbers’ story which has been typical and frequent of the Zionist media’s coverage on Syria; transforming hundreds of demonstrators at Syrian Muslim Brotherhood-dominated gatherings into thousands, thousands into millions and deceptively morphing pro-government protests into anti-government protests (34). No, this is far more gruesome, far more obscene in its falsehood. Propagated by CNN, run by avid Zionist Jeffrey Bewkes who has been honored by the ignominiously pro-Israel American Jewish Committee and the equally pro-Israel Simon Wiesenthal Center (35), this story was quite literally a blast from the past; a replication of a Gulf War PSYOP against Iraq.

CNN has always functioned
as a mouthpiece for the Zionist
occupation and all of its global
ambitions, whitewashing its crimes
and covering up its most intricate
Quoting the London-based, regime change-promoting Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Zionist-run CNN ran a story which boldly and emotionally claimed that Syrian babies were dying in their incubators because Bashar al-Assad’s army had cut the electricity in Hama. No further information was provided; nothing regarding why the electricity was cut or why back-up generators didn’t kick in; nothing regarding doctors attempting to save the babies’ lives or even an exact date as to when the babies died. Then, in an even bolder move, ‘Syrian revolutionaries’ active on social networks, Twitter specifically, began circulating a picture of the ‘dead’ babies. This however, would be their undoing and the entire story, which was totally lacking in evidence to begin with, came crashing down. The dead babies picture was actually a picture of live babies in an overcrowded hospital known as al-Shabti in Alexandria, Egypt. It was nothing more than a tasteless hoax comprised of 100% hasbara (36). 

As aforementioned, this ‘incubator babies’ hoax had been attempted before, in the lead-up to the Gulf War which paved the way for genocidal sanctions against Iraq, weakening the nation for the Zionist-engineered invasion that would thoroughly annihilate its infrastructure and brutalize its people in a seemingly eternal occupation 13 years later. At the heart of the Iraq ‘{312 dead} incubator babies’ hoax was the ubiquitous and devilish Amnesty International, working hand-in-glove with British intelligence and Zionist war criminal and Congressman Tom Lantos. Though the story was ultimately revealed as a hoax, it didn’t matter in the slightest. The Zionist plot had been put in motion and Iraq’s fate (destruction) was sealed (37).

This invocation of history is of the utmost vitalness to note. False stories, drawn up to despicably target basic human emotion and generate support for criminal-minded plans, can have tragic, reprehensible results; Iraqis, 2.5 million dead Iraqis from Zionism’s 2003 invasion alone (38), are the proof. The Zionist globe holders attempted to use such a story against Syria to accelerate their ‘Greater Israel’ ambitions and turn the Arab nation into another Iraq. It seems they will now have to go back to the drawing board.

Sheikh Adnan al-Ar'ur;
agent of the House of Saud
and 'face' of the 'Syrian Revolution.'
The ‘Syrian Revolution’ In Faces: Puppets Galore

With international efforts mounting to topple Bashar al-Assad and replace his government with one more subservient to the iron fist of the Zionist Power Configuration, the mainstream media has bombarded its viewers with a plethora of figures spouting propagandist venom and bolstering the Zionist narrative to increase unrest and ultimately bring about an invasion. Each figure, in their own way, plays a part in the global media spectacle shaping public opinion on all matters pertaining to Syria.

The individual with the most influence and therefore, the most destructive potential, is a ‘religious’ figure named Sheikh Adnan al-Ar’ur. Sheikh Adnan is based in Saudi Arabia and is receiving an obscene amount of press from the House of Saud’s propaganda giant, Al-Arabiya, which is touting him as a ‘symbol of the Syrian Revolution.’ He is known for his promotion of sectarianism and tragically, he commands a significant amount of influence in Syria (39); because of the sectarianism embedded in his verdicts, he is playing a major role in the Saudi Defense Ministry’s ‘civil war’ agenda.

Al-Ar’ur’s bloody fingerprints can already be found on the streets of Homs, a city 165 kilometers north of Damascus. On July 26th, three Alawi families were brutally butchered by agents of the Saudi-funded Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in an attempt to plunge the city of Homs into sectarian civil conflict. Throughout the unrest, MB agents, influenced by al-Ar’ur, have attacked Alawi mosques in Homs, Adlab, Latakia and Hama; all points of conflict between the MB and the Syrian army (40). While the Syrian people themselves have righteously rejected such sectarianism, this outrageous violence is taking a toll on the nation and their communities.

Rime Allaf is a member
of the Chatham House,
the UK arm of the Zionist,
warmongering Council
on Foreign Relations.
One of the more familiar faces of the ‘Syrian Revolution’ is globalist and hasbaranik Rime Allaf, who has been quoted by just about every Zionist-run news outlet from the UK to America and everything in between regarding ‘what is happening’ in Syria. Channeling typical, uncorroborated, scandalous propaganda via her Twitter account, Allaf is simply doing the bidding of her masters at the Chatham House, the UK mega-think tank and sister of arguably the most powerful Zionist think in America, the Council On Foreign Relations. Allaf is involved in multiple projects aiming to increase relations between Syria and the West and to prostitute Syria’s sovereignty by replacing it with neoliberal economics and multinational corporations (41). Mask of Zion’s social networking sources have also found that Allaf maintains a close relationship with the Economist magazine, the Rothschild-owned Zionist mouthpiece which has been churning out anti-Syria, pro-intervention propaganda from the onset of the unrest.

Other notable assets of the hasbara war against Syria are Hamdi M. Rifai and Radwan Ziadeh. Rifai is a Syrian exile and News Jersey-based attorney who has recently had his legal license revoked for ethics violations. He has openly declared his friendship with the usurping Zionist entity and has strongly advocated for the Zionist-occupied United States government to militarily intervene in Syria. Rifai also spends significant amounts of his time spreading the works of neoconservative fanatics to justify his murderous positions and works with fellow exiles to generate sectarianism in not only Syria but Lebanon as well (42).

Twitter is a major
breeding ground for
hasbaraniks where
anti-Syria propaganda can
flourish uninterrupted.
Ziadeh is no different. He is a frequenter of US State Department events sponsored by Zionist think tanks. He has appeared before the Zionist lobby’s foreign policy arm, the American Jewish Committee and has shared the stage with Zionist war criminal Elliot Abrams. He’s been commissioned by the US government to lobby Russia for support for the Zionist-engineered plot to militarily demolish Syria and if that wasn’t enough, Ziadeh is the recipient of an award from one of Zionism’s most deadly agencies, the National Endowment for Democracy (43). Another figure uncovered by Mask of Zion’s social networking sources is a man by the name of Mohammad al-Abdallah, a self-styled Syrian ‘human rights activist’ that has most recently held meetings with Hillary Clinton and Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, a Zionist who has issued condemnations of activists who participate in Israeli Apartheid Week and parroted hasbara against the Freedom Flotilla II (44). Al-Abdallah is pro-intervention and glowing with delight over the economic warfare launched against Syria by the US and EU. Simply unnerving.

While Allaf, Ar’ur, Ziadeh, al-Abdallah, Rifai and other House Arabs cut from the same cloth claim to represent Syria and the demands of the Syrian people, the evidence shows that they are no more than shrill propagandists of the Zionist-Saudi axis and its agenda to drive Bashar al-Assad’s government into the ground. The truth is clear, overwhelmingly clear: the Syrian people support al-Assad and the multiple million man marches that they’ve conducted to show support for the President and his stance of Resistance and to counteract the Zionist-Saudi-backed insurrection are the proof (45).

An Israeli-NATO
plan is already in the works
to launch military strikes
against Syria and cripple its
army and infrastructure.
NATO Invasion And Opposition Crimes Against Humanity

One of the lesser-discussed players in the ongoing onslaught against Syria is Turkey, a collaborationist regime bound to the Zionist entity via several military-intelligence MOUs drawn up for the specific purpose of carrying out aggression against Israel’s enemies, including Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ankara has not only played the role of host for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and served as the go-between for the US government and the Israeli-Saudi-controlled opposition, it has already intervened in a militaristic way by providing MB agents with weapons and a safe haven to re-up when ammunition is low. Ankara has already given NATO the signal to set up a military base in Western Turkey and fill it to the brim with ground forces (46).

NATO’s leadership has answered Ankara’s call and has begun planning an invasion to ‘roll back’ Syria and then Yemen in the final steps before launching full-scale warfare against Iran (47). This would assuredly please the Zionist creature occupying al-Quds, which signed an intensive, exhaustive military-cooperation agreement with NATO in 2005; a military offensive against Syria represents the very essence of the Israel-NATO bilateral agreement (48). Part of the Israeli-NATO plan has already been revealed and it is a mirror image of the current monstrous bombing of Libya; multiple airstrikes against Syria’s air defenses followed by an all-out bombardment of Syria’s army and infrastructure (49). Another criminal Western war carried out in the Zionist regime’s name. It for this reason, that Bashar al-Assad scoffed at Turkey’s attempts (read: threats) to convince his government to kowtow to Western pressure and bow to the insurrectionists tearing the country to shreds (50). Iran has also rebuked Turkey for its traitorous stance against Syria, offering its full support to Bashar al-Assad and signing a multi-billion dollar energy pact to solidify it (51). As Israel’s smokescreen dissolves, the battle lines get clearer and clearer.

Meanwhile, the aforesaid Saudi-Israeli-controlled insurrectionists continue wreaking havoc throughout the streets of Syria and are doing so with new weapons provided by a smuggling operation run by Saudi-puppet and former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s March 14 movement (52). The Zionist media’s ‘peaceful protesters’ narrative crumbles a little bit more every day. Beyond waging brutal warfare against the Assad government, the Syrian opposition is committing crimes against humanity; crimes that will almost assuredly not be investigated by the likes of the ‘international community.’ In Hama, they are butchering soldiers and dumping the bodies into the Asi River (53). In Jisr al-Shughour, a conflict-heavy area in Syria’s north, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood agents are murdering al-Assad supporters by lynching them (54).

Brigadier General 
al-Talawi's children;
murdered by the 'peaceful'
Syrian opposition.
In the central city of Homs, Syrian Brigadier General Khodir al-Talawi, his two children, his nephew and two of his subordinate officers were shot dead and mutilated (55). They were hacked to death with sabers in an utterly deranged, savage crime; even more deranged is that this brutality was ordered... by the US State Department, during a meeting between opposition leaders and Hillary Clinton’s Middle East Special Representative and Zionist agent, Dan Feldman (56). And now, as the Israeli-Saudi nexus prepares for the imminent NATO invasion, it has employed assets from Turkey, Jordan and occupied Iraq, most likely assets from the neoconservative-created P2OG false flag agency (57), to not only provoke security forces, but deliberately target Syrian civilians (58).

Israel’s favorite Western mouthpiece, the Sulzberger-owned New York Times, covers up these horrors by concocting its own horrors; its latest lie is that Syrian security forces are using “anti-aircraft weaponry on civilian buildings” in Hama (59). Hillary Clinton is now covering up the barbarity that her office ordered by calling on the world to completely cut economic ties with Syria and blaming the barbarity on Bashar al-Assad (60). The people of the world are being duped yet again; but it seems that not even the thud of NATO depleted uranium rocking Damascus as it is now rocking Tripoli will convince them of this reality.

Syria and Somalia:
The first two targets
of the Zionist-Orwellian
'Atrocities Prevention Board.'
Conclusion: A New Generation Of Tyranny

On August 4th, 2011, the next generation of war, psychological subversion, intelligence masking and covert operations began, officially, with a United States stamp of approval. Chief Zionist stooge, Barack Obama, considered by the Zionist-gangster class that fomented his meteoric political rise to be “the first Jewish President (61),” created the Atrocities Prevention Board to ‘stop genocide’ and “isolate those who engage in or conspire to commit atrocities (62).” Naturally, in a move obviously meant to please his Zionist sires, Obama invoked ‘the holocaust’ to justify the creation of the shadowy interagency (63). It is ironic: ‘the holocaust’ is one of history’s greatest exaggerations/fabrications, filled to the brim with false testimonies and coverups and is now an ideological weapon routinely deployed by the Zionist Power Configuration against all who oppose Israel (64), and it is now being used as the basis for the creation of another ideological weapon.

Apart from the gut-wrenching hypocrisy of the United States government taking steps to prevent atrocities, when it has funded or is directly responsible for mass atrocities in Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and Kashmir to name just a few, the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board will now give America (acting at Israel’s behest) jurisdiction to unleash hell on any nation it so chooses with the use of a single pretext: “humanitarianism.” Just like the Wikileaks PSYOP was designed to usher in a new era of COINTELPRO to subvert the growing anti-war and solidarity movements (65), the Atrocities Prevention Board will serve as its twin sister, coopting human rights movements and steering them towards an agenda of Orwellian war (66).

Libya was the trial run for the Atrocities Prevention Board; the absurd, baseless official line remains that NATO prevented Muammar Qaddafi from committing a massacre in Benghazi, the second largest Libyan city. A similar plan is already in place for Syria, with the Zionist entity leading and Washington D.C., Ankara, NATO and Riyadh ready to provide support for the ‘humanitarian war’ under the logo of R2P, ‘Responsibility To Protect.’ This is why the usurping entity, the US and NATO have been stockpiling and integrating their weapons systems since 2005, when Israel and NATO signed the aforementioned bilateral agreement. Mossad is increasing its covert support to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots and the Zionist media is increasing its hasbara against al-Assad to mask the Brotherhood’s atrocities. The groundwork for ‘R2P: Syria’ is deeply underway (67).

The Zionist Power Configuration
wants al-Shabab eliminated
so it can turn Somalia into a 
haven for multinationals and
It is no coincidence whatsoever that Obama’s Atrocities Prevention Board has been created at a time when Syria is being prepped for an Iraq-style annihilation and when the Zionist ‘War on Terror’ coalition is looking to deliver a crushing blow to the righteous Somali Resistance movement, al-Shabab. The Zionist media is overloading its viewers with images of Somalis suffering from famine and drought while not uttering a single word that the famine and drought only exist because an IMF-World Bank ‘reform’ operation decimated Somalia’s agriculture in the 1980s and American oil giants have been plundering the Horn of Africa nation since 1991, robbing it of its wealth (68). Nowhere in any of the Zionist media’s abysmal coverage on Somalia is the critical info that the CIA has penetrated the entire country, running secret torture centers, setting up proxy agents and collecting intelligence so Special Forces can conduct illegal drone attacks and airstrikes (69).

Drowned out in the Zionist media’s coverage of famine and drought in Somalia is that the Zionist-run US State Department is sending droves of private military contractors to fight the Resistance (70) and aid the puppet government forced upon the Somali people by a globalist axis and armed by the Obama administration (71). Not mentioned by the Zionist media at all is that al-Shabab didn’t even exist until the US-backed United Nations-African Union occupation of Somalia began in 2006. The occupation has been slaughtering Somali civilians in the thousands ever since. There is no “democratically-elected” government in Somalia, only a coalition of puppets handpicked by the American and French militaries (72). Al-Shabab is all that stands between Somalia and total Zionist-globalist colonization.

The Zionist-dominated Obama administration is denying aid to all areas in Somalia controlled by al-Shabab, which is the majority of the country. Aid has been restricted to a few square miles of territory controlled by the US-AU-UN-backed puppet regime, exacerbating the famine and the drought and effectively transforming them into weapons of war (73); weapons of war against Resistance to colonial domination. These deliberate acts of terrorism will generate an international outcry to ‘save the babies,’ and in response, another invasion of another Muslim-majority country will occur, but this time, it will be under the ‘almighty’ humanitarian brand of the Atrocities Prevention Board.

At the heart of the ‘humanitarian’ adventures planned for Syria and Somalia, as is the case with every war waged by Israel and its global garden of imperial puppets, is energy. For Somalia, there is Bab el-Mandab, a strategic waterway that links Yemen, Somalia and billions of dollars in oil traded on the neoliberal markets; the Zionist-occupied United States government is dying to take control of this waterway, snatching it from Russia and China, allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (74). For Syria, there are the gargantuan natural gas fields of the Levantine coast line, sitting between two energy corridors that Syria rests upon; Iran has already offered Syria assistance in cultivating these fields and the Zionist Power Configuration wants to take control of the project at all costs (75).

The Merhav Group of Israel
is a Mossad asset that
specializes in hostile
takeovers of regions
rich with energy.
It would by no means be surprising if the Mossad-run Merhav Group of Israel was on standby for such hostile-takeover-type measures, as its energy interests in Asia were the driving force behind the savage war against Afghanistan. Controlling the pipelines, mines and gas fields that Afghan territory runs parallel to is central to the Israeli-American foreign policy of brutally undermining and hurting the Islamic Republic of Iran wherever undermining and hurting can be executed. The Merhav Group of Israel has carried out Israeli-American hegemonic directives in the South-Central Asia region with precision (76). Because Syria and Somalia also fall under the anti-Iran energy directives embedded in the unified US-Israel foreign agenda, it is not a possibility but a likelihood that Merhav is the beast lurking behind the curtains of the war machine.

Today, Syria and Somalia, two of the last remaining nations on the planet standing up against the neoconservative foreign policy and neoliberal economics of the globalist power matrix governed by Zionism, are both targeted under the insane premise of ‘humanitarianism.’ Tomorrow, the targets will be Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yemen, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. Plans are already in place, as are agents of subversion and in some instances, preliminary, criminal action has already been taken.

If Bashar al-Assad falls, what will replace him? An anti-Resistance proxy of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime. If al-Shabab is conquered, what will follow in Somalia? Most likely a carbon copy of the Zionist-marionette regime in Ethiopia, which has been nothing more than an Israeli military proxy for decades. But if the Resistance of both nations can survive the onslaught that they are now experiencing, feeding off of the intense support of the people that they defend, it will send a message to the globe holders: no matter what kind of tactics you may employ, the will of the people will always leave the arrogant powers torn asunder when the sun rises and the darkness is exposed. If only ‘if,’ wasn’t the word.

~ The End ~                                    

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22 Ekim 2016 Cumartesi


((Bu önemli ve değerli yazıyı daha önce vakit bulup okuyamamıştım. Değerli bir arkadaş sosyal medyada paylaşınca yeniden aklıma geldi ve kendi listemdeki arkadaşlar ile de paylaşmak istedim. A.D.Şimşek))
Sözü çok edildiğine göre bir meşhur gerçeğimizin meçhul taraflarını tanımak görev olmuştur:
Hudutlarımız, istiklalimiz, Boğazlar, malî vaziyetimiz ve Türk, Müslüman, gayrı müslim teb'a/vatandaşlarla alâkalı olarak neler yapılması gerektiğine dair bir karar metni oluşturup onu bir beyanname hâline getirme fikri, 22Temmuz-7 Ağustos 1919 tarihleri arasında toplanan Erzurum Kongresi ve 4-11 Eylül 1919 tarihlerinde toplanan Sivas Kongreleri'nde dile geldi. Yapılan müzakerelerle hasıl olan metin, Heyet-i Temsiliye tarafından imzalanarak, İstanbul'a götürmesi için Trabzon meb'usu Hüsrev Sami beye teslim edildi..
28 Ocak 1920'deki hafi celsede/gizli oturumda Ankara'dan gelen 8 maddelik teklif  birleştirme ve düzeltmelerle 6 maddeye çekildi. Meclis genel kuruluna sunulan maddeler, ittifakla/oy birliğiyle kabul edildi. Ortaya çıkan metne “Ahd-ı Millî Beyannamesi” ismi verildi. Edirne meb'usu Şeref Bey’in takriri kabul edilerek, Ahd-ı Millî Beyannamesi, 17 Şubat 1920'de hem umumi efkâra/kamuoyuna açıklandı ve hem de dünya parlamentolarına gönderildi. Ahd-ı Millî'ye Misak-ı MilIî de dendi ve bu ikincisi daha çok tuttu. İki terkip de "Millî And" demektir.
Bu millî beyannamenin/deklarasyonun ana fikri, Mondros Mütarekesi/Ateşkesi imzalandığı 30 Ekim 1918 tarihinde Türklerin çoğunlukta olduğu her toprak parçasının vatanımıza ait olduğunun ilânı. Arap unsurlarla Müslümanların çoğunluk teşkil ettikleri yerlerde referandum yapılması zarureti. Gayrı müslimlere verilen hakların, Hıristiyan devletlerdeki Müslümanlara verilen haklardan fazla olamayacağı. Müslümanların bölünmez bir bütün olduğunun tesbiti. Bu sonuncusu muhakkak ki Hilafet kurumunun şümulünü ihtiva etmektedir.
Gelişmelerin ardından 21 Ekim 1920'de TBMM Hükûmetiyle Fransa arasında Suriye hududunu tayin eden andlaşma akdedildi. Hatay dışarıda kalmış, Hatay'daki Türklere bazı haklar tanınmış, Süleyman Şah Türbesi'nin olduğu Caber Kalesi ise Türk toprağı addedilmişti.
Misak-ı Millî Beyannamesiyle Türkiye'nin olduğu kabul edilen yerlerimizden biri olan Musul için İngilizler ve diğer taraf Lozan'da bu bölgenin yüksek petrol yataklarına sahip olmasından dolayı çok taktiklere gittiler. Bunun üzerine  mevzuun halli ileri bir tarihe bırakıldı. Mes'ele, 19 Mayıs 1924'te bu maksatla toplanan Haliç Kongresi'nde de çözülemedi. Üstüne üstlük İngilizler, problemin zaten kendi sevk ve idarelerinde olan devrin BM'si Cemiyet-i Akvam'a bırakılmasını temin ettiler. İhtilaf, bu arada Lahey'deki Adalet Divanına da götürüldü ama sonuç alınamadı. Çünkü İngilizler, İslâm âleminde yeni bir harita çizmeyi kafaya koymuşlardı. Nihayet 5 Haziran 1926'da Ankara'da İngiltere, Irak ve Türkiye Cumhuriyeti arasında bugünkü Irak sınırı kararlaştırıldı.
Bize göre; "Musul, Kerkük, Süleymaniye, Erbil gibi Misak-ı Millî'ye dahil olan yerler, Türkiye tarafından terk edilmiştir" tarzında bir cümlenin o hudut andlaşmasında yer almaması bugün bir imkân olarak görülmelidir. Dahası orada Musul petrollerinden pay almamız kayıt altına alınmıştır. Diğer taraftan Hanedân'ın da o petrollerde mahkemelere taşınmış şahsî miras hakları mevcuttur. 
Bu bâbda cevaplanması gereken bazı soruları hatırlatmak isteriz. Musul, Süleymaniye, Kerkük, Erbil gibi Batı Trakya da Misak-ı Millî'ye dâhildir. Bugün Özgür Suriye Ordusunun (ÖSO) istirdat ettiği topraklar da öyledir. Ancak netleşmesi gereken sorular vardır:
Misak-ı Millî hudutları tam olarak nasıldır?
Maddeleri tam olarak nelerdir?
Halep, Kıbrıs, Girit, Oniki Ada, Selanik, Kırcaali ve Kırım gibi yerler millî misaka dâhil midir? Bunlardan herhangi biri üzerinde  Garantör Devlet olma hakkımız mevcut mudur?
Haritalara bakıldığında geniş bir coğrafya için misak içilmiştir. Bu sebeple doğruları eksiksiz olarak bilmek adına bu konu vesikaya dayalı olarak ilmî bir zemine oturtulmalıdır. Elimizdeki tapu sağlam. İsteriz-istemeyiz ayrı bahistir. İslâm tarihini esas alırsak 15 asırdır, Osmanlı tarihini esas alırsak 5 asırdır Kıbrıs’tayız. 90 senedir Kıbrıs'ta, üstelik de kiracı olarak bulunan İngiltere, küçücük bir üsten dolayı mal sahibi olduğu iddiasındadır.
Büyük toprak, büyük nüfus, güçlü maliye ve sağlam adalet büyük devlet olmanın olmazsa olmaz şartlarıdır. Buna rağmen diplomatik hataları tekrarlamadan dikkatle yol almalıyız. Tarihi doğru bilip doğru okumak, gönül coğrafyamızda her taşı yerli yerine oturtmak hakkımızdır. Bu birinci hakkımızdır. Diğer hakkımıza gelince bölge parsellenmektedir. Bunun görülmesi ve anlatılması gerekmektedir. 21.10.2016
Türkiye'nin güç kullanarak Fırat Kalkanı operasyonunu başlatması hangi amaçla gerçekleştirdiyse Musul operasyonuna da aynı gerekçelerle katılmak istemektedir. Aylardır planlanan Musul operasyonu nihayet başladı. Operasyona katılan güçler arasında Kürdistan Bölgesel Yönetimine bağlı Peşmerge güçleri, ABD'nin eğittiği ve komutasını yürüttüğü Irak Merkezi güçleri, Türkiye'nin
eğittiği Ninova Muhafızları ve başta Haşdi Şaabi olmak üzere Şii milisler bulunuyor. Operasyon öncesinde bu tarafların siyasi amaçları ve stratejileri açısından birbirlerine karşıt pozisyonlarda olduklarını söylemek mümkün.
Dolayısıyla kısa vadeli en önemli risk, operasyonun yürütülmesi sırasında doğacak yetki karmaşası ve tarafların mutabakatı bozarak kendi gündemleri doğrultusunda hareket etmesi olarak görünüyor. Operasyon Merkezi Irak güçlerinin öncülüğünde başladı. Irak Başbakanı İbadi'nin askeri üniformasını giyerek ilk açıklamayı yapması bunun önemli bir işareti. Ancak Irak merkezi
güçlerinin sahip olduğu kapasite ve tecrübenin bu yükü kaldırıp kaldıramayacağı önümüzde duran önemli bir soru. Yine de operasyonun ikinci gününde bu anlamda sürpriz sayılabilecek bir gelişme yaşanmadı ya da en azından kamuoyuna yansımadı. DAEŞ'in şehir içinde nasıl direneceği, şehrin
içine hangi güçlerin gireceği ve sergileyecekleri davranışlar ise operasyonun hem süresini hem de muhtemel sonuçlarını belirleyecek diğer önemli unsurlar. Operasyon süreci aynı zamanda DAEŞ sonrası Musul'un yeniden nasıl dizayn edileceği ve Musul özelinde Irak'ı nasıl bir geleceğin
beklediğine dair ip uçları da ortaya çıkacaktır.
DAEŞ'in hilafet ilan etmesi, bildik anlamda bir düzen kurmaya başlaması, petrol satışından önemli gelirler elde etmesi, militan sayısındaki hızlı artış ve Suriye'ye yayılması Musul'u ele geçirdikten kısa bir süre sonra gerçekleşti. Dolayısıyla Musul'u ele geçirdikten sonra DAEŞ'in hızla büyümesi, bu ilin hem örgüt için önemini hem de bu operasyon karşısında nasıl davranacağına dair ipuçları barındırmaktadır. Operasyonun başlamasıyla koalisyon güçleri şehri çevreleyerek yavaş yavaş ilerlerken, DAEŞ ise taciz saldırıları, mayınlar ve petrol hendeklerini ateşe vererek operasyonu
yavaşlatma taktiklerini uyguluyor. DAEŞ'in operasyona ölüm/kalım düzeyinde bir karşılık vermesi beklenmiyor. Zaten son bir yıldır ekonomik açıdan zayıflayan, ideolojik açıdan açmazlara düşen, yeni militan kazanma konusunda sıkıntı çeken örgütün mevcut koşullarda sahip olduğu bütün imkanları riske atmayacağı beklenmekte. Ancak bu durum, örgütün direnmeyeceği anlamına
gelmez. Aksine örgüt muhtemelen kuracağı tuzaklar, küçük çaplı çatışmalar, intihar saldırıları ve başka sofistike yöntemlerle çatışmayı uzatmayı deneyecektir. Böylece hem varlığını sürdürmek için zaman kazanacak hem de olası bir kaosun sorumluluğunu koalisyon güçlerine yükleme söylemini
tedavüle sokma imkanı kazanmış olacak. İleriki zamanlarda ise militanlarının bir kısmının yeraltına çekilmesi, bir kısmının ise Irak'ın diğer bölgelerine ve Suriye'ye geçmeleri söz konusu olabilir. Operasyonun intikamcı heveslere bürünmeden ve kendi hedefi doğrultusunda yürümesi ise hem sivil halkın örgüte karşı mobilize olması hem de örgütle sempati düzeyinde ilişki kuran tabanın çözülmesi için önemlidir.
Henüz Musul'un içine girmeden tartışılan soru, operasyonun hangi sonuçları üreteceği oldu. Bunun temel sebebi yazının başında zikredildiği üzere koalisyon güçlerinin DAEŞ karşıtlığı dışında ortak bir amaçlarının olmamasıdır. DAEŞ'in sökülüp atılması dışında her bir aktörün kendi gündemi ve buna bağlı stratejisinden bahsetmek zor değil. İran, Haşdi Şa'bi örgütler üzerinden Şii nüfuzunu artırmak ve bu nüfuzu askeri milislerle tahkim etme peşinde. Irak'ın 2003 yılında işgal edildiğinden beri yürüttüğü bu stratejinin sonuç verdiği ve Irak'ta ciddi anlamda bir etkinlik alanına sahip olduğu artık kabul gören bir olgu. Kuzey Irak yönetimi ise bu operasyonu bağımsızlık yolunda bir kaldıraç olarak kullanmakla kalmayacak, petrolden istediği payı almak ve pazarlanması noktasında insiyatif almak
için kullanacaktır. Amerikan işgali sonrasında Kerkük'le ilgili oluşan fiili durumun Musul konusunda oluşması durumunda burada söz sahibi olmak isteyecektir. Bütün bu farklı ajandalar, operasyonun sonuçları ile ilgili endişelerin gündeme gelmesine neden olmaktadır. İran ve Iraklı Şii milislerin mezhepçi politikaları ve intikam duygusuna yönelik söylemleri, Musul merkezli yeni bir mezhep çatışmasının önünü açabilir. Dahası Musul halkını DAEŞ'e daha fazla iterek yeni bir kaosun kapısını aralayabilir. Her ne kadar şehir içine yalnızca Irak merkezi güçlerinin gireceğine dair bir mutabakata varıldığı duyurulmuşsa da, milislerin verdikleri sözleri tutacaklarının garantisi yok. Çok daha önemlisi, bu operasyon arefesinde Haşdi Şa'bi güçlerinin merkezi Irak ordusuna katılması yönünde bir yasa tasarısının hazırlandığını biliyoruz. Milislerin formel düzeyde resmileşmesi sahip oldukları motivasyonu değiştiremediği takdirde benzer davranışları resmi üniforma altında sergileyecekleri anlamına gelecek ve sonuç değişmeyecektir.
DAEŞ karşıtı koalisyonda yer almış ve sahada en fazla etkinlik sağlamış ülke Türkiye'dir. Özellikle Fırat Kalkanı operasyonunda DAEŞ'in sınırlarımızdan temizlenmesi bunun en önemli göstergesidir. Türkiye'nin güç kullanarak Fırat Kalkanı operasyonunu başlatması hangi amaçla gerçekleştirdiyse Musul operasyonuna da aynı gerekçelerle katılmak istemektedir. DAEŞ'in hem Türkiye sınırları içinde hem de sınırların dışından Türkiye'yi doğrudan hedef seçmesi, bu örgüte karşı yeni tedbirlerin alınmasını zorunlu kılmıştır. Benzer şekilde PKK'nın Irak içindeki etkinlik sahasını genişletmenin önüne geçmek Türkiye'nin Musul konusunda insiyatif almasını gerektiren bir başka unsurdur. Zira terörü üreten zemin yok edilmeden terör örgütleriyle mücadele yürütmek oldukça zordur. Ayrıca özelde Musul, genelde ise Irak'ta söz sahibi olmak bu ülkedeki mezhep çatışmasının önlenmesi adına önemlidir. Gerek Suriye gerekse Irak'ta yoğunlaşan mezhep çatışmalarının Türkiye'ye taşınmasına zemin hazırlayacaktır. Geçtiğimiz günlerde Gaziantep'te güvenlik birimlerinin üç şehit vererek önlediği terör eyleminin böylesi bir amaç taşıdığını görmek zor değil. Özetle, bugün artık Türkiye'ye yönelen tehditlerin kökeni, kapsamı ve hareket alanı göz önünde bulundurulduğunda
güvenliğimizin de bu ölçekte değerlendirmenin zamanı gelmiştir. Türkiye uluslararası siyasetin yeni dinamiklerini dikkate almak durumunda. Fakat aynı zamanda belirsiz bir noktaya sürüklenme riskini dikkate alarak hedeflerini ve çıkarlarını rasyonel düzeyde tutmak durumundadır.
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